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Must-see exhibitions to catch now, where to book a Mayfair power lunch, the best 5k running routes — and more
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Food and drink

Where to book a business breakfast

Jon Cook, sales director, Oxford, UK

‘Hawksmoor (any location, but I like the one at Guildhall) has an eclectic menu, with carnivorous leanings, delivered with efficient, but not interfering, service in oak clad rooms to the sound track of the earnest murmurings of masters of the universe, dealmaking their way into the day.’

Food and drink

The best botanically-infused martinis

Alex Horne, barrister, London, UK

‘The Zetter Townhouse?in Clerkenwell does a lovely twist on a classic martini — their K?ln?martini comes slightly perfumed in a lovely glass. [Or head to] the bar at 45 Jermyn St. Ask for a martini made with Botanist gin with a twist of grapefruit. It is utterly divine.’

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